:: May 2016 ::

Ready for next spring!

My Spring wrap skirt is finally finished and ready for next spring. It took me forever to make but I love it. So until then bring on the Fall and Winter.

On My Desk

On my desk today is a variety pack. LOL The cute Mexican undies are from my local Mervyn's that just happens to be closing their doors. These were just so cute I just couldn't say no. Plaid flannel, linen and block print are for a Tooth Monster that is in the making for my youngest son who just lost his first tooth so I better get onto making that one up. The numbers are to be sewn on to his Scout uniform. Yes, my little one is now in Scouts a Tiger Cub to be exact. Will post photos later. He is just to cute I'm telling ya!!!

Speaking of Halloween

Here is a plug for Haunted House Halloween note cards at my Etsy shop.
They were created from my new block print that I've been working on.
So if your up for it go take looksee. I think they turned out fabulous.

Yeah Its October!!!

Living in an area of the US that really does not change seasons. The Fall is probably my favorite time of year. It's usually a pretty long hot summer here in Phoenix so we look forward to the first signs of cooler weather and I may be jumping the gun on this one but I do think that they are here.So with that being said it's time to pull out the Halloween decorations and get ready for Fall!Whoooo Hooooo! Don't you just love it! Yes, I do! Thank you for asking. LOL
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