:: May 2016 ::

Happy Thanksgiving

I am so thankful for so many things but first and foremost are my .....
who could ask for more ......
Enjoy this day with those close to you .....
God Bless .....

Psst.... The lovely couple in this photo above are Ancestors of mine John and Priscilla Alden the sailed over on that big ship the Mayflower many moons ago
so too them tilt a glass and have yourself a Happy Thanksgiving !!!!!

I soooo have the coolest sister-in-law on this planet. She has such a sense of humor that she can make me almost pee my pants. Not to say that my brother isn't awesome (with a great sense of humor of his own as you can see in the photo above) but he doesn't send me cool paper like this either. How cool is this paper we are thinking 60's 70's. So want to reprint!!!
Love you A!!!! Love you to Bro!!! and of course my sweet niece Josie!!!! Good luck this holiday season. LOL Wish you were here or we were there whichever. Just miss you all a whole bunch!

Thoughtful Friday

I write this post today after what seems like a very
very long week. Here's a simple thought for the day.

Rejoice in what we have !
Be Happy

Have a great weekend!

Election Day !!!!!

Things I plan on doing today
  1. Voting of course
  2. Not watching the news
  3. Listening to talk radio
  4. Cleaning my RV and Jeep ( they look like crap from our last 4 days at the Sand Dunes )
  5. Spending the afternoon with my kids
  6. Cutting Beaus hair it's so out of control
  7. Working on Beaus tooth monster ( he lost yet another tooth )
  8. Crocheting so many projects so little time ( so many more I want to start )
  9. Shop for some beautiful yarn
  10. Taking a friends son to dinner he is staying with us until Friday when he leaves to join the Armed Forces ( God Bless Him )
  11. Spend some time in front of the tube watching NCIS
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