:: May 2016 ::

Happy Hump Day!

On my desk today a variety of projects. I am working on a new camera case via a tutorial from here and a bunch of new cards for some very special friends. The beautiful flowers ( from my oldest son ) for my birthday are still beautiful even after a whole week of enjoyment. I love you Adrian thank you so much.
again.... happy hump day......

It's Soooo Monday!

Trying to get this day going not to mention this week. It's been slow to start but I did want to share a couple of things. I finally finished my son's Tooth Monster. He thinks it's pretty cool, so when the next tooth decides to fall out we will be ready. The other item I wanted to share is my new crafting toy. It's the new Cricuit Expressions machine. It's amazing! I really bought it as a birthday present to myself. Whoo hoo! Can't wait to see what it can do.

Have a great week..........

As I busily pluck away at all the clean up the last few days have brought me. I can't help but wish I was enjoying a cup of iced tea by my pool basking in the warm AZ sun. Don't get me wrong I have the best time spending a long extended weekend with my friends and family. It's just clean up is always such a chore. No kidding, it will easily take me the rest of this week to catch up on everything. I have been meaning to post the finally finished block calender project that I've been working on. So without further a dew here is my new desk calender. Whoo Hoo! This is a fun project idea that I found over at lark and lola go check out her blog . OK have to get back to work now, Ba humbug!!!!!
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