:: May 2016 ::

:: i am craving ::

Chocolate cupcakes.
Don't they just sound so good right now.
I think they would really hit the spot and maybe just maybe stop those chocolate cravings for sure.
Now if I could just get someone to make them for me!!!

:: recipe found here ::

:: anyone for a swim ? ::

Great cupcake for a pool or beach party.
My little one can't wait to make these.
Here are a couple of great sources.
Hey There Cupcake and this cute Blog.
Off to gather supplies.
Enjoy your swim.

Lyrics | Jason Chain - You Got Me lyrics

:: june ::

this can mean only one thing "cupcakes"
cake, frosting, sprinkles
all wrapped up in a beautiful baking cup
i am dedicating the month of june cupcake month
how deliciously sweet

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