:: May 2016 ::

:: i am loving ::

A good friend of mine turned me onto this website.
It's' a great site full of helpful recipes for non-toxic home cleaners.
I've always enjoyed making up a bucket of suds then spending a few hours cleaning the house. I use there all purpose cleaner recipe and add a squirt of liquid soap for a bit more cleaning power.
The site offers everything from shopping for a greener home, yard and garden. To non-toxic pest control and water conservation.
For those of you interested in making up your own cleaning products or purchasing environmentally friendly products. Go check it out!

:: Surf Camp ::

Last week my youngest attended surf camp. It was the first time I'd every been away from him longer than a couple of day's...He had a great time and he was very generous about sharing his week with us...and yes, it made for a very long week but I did get to spend some quality time with my husband and that was a really good thing...

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