:: May 2016 ::

Election Day !!!!!

Things I plan on doing today
  1. Voting of course
  2. Not watching the news
  3. Listening to talk radio
  4. Cleaning my RV and Jeep ( they look like crap from our last 4 days at the Sand Dunes )
  5. Spending the afternoon with my kids
  6. Cutting Beaus hair it's so out of control
  7. Working on Beaus tooth monster ( he lost yet another tooth )
  8. Crocheting so many projects so little time ( so many more I want to start )
  9. Shop for some beautiful yarn
  10. Taking a friends son to dinner he is staying with us until Friday when he leaves to join the Armed Forces ( God Bless Him )
  11. Spend some time in front of the tube watching NCIS

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