:: May 2016 ::

Valley of the Sun ?

To a Zonie like myself it feels more like the Valley of the rain .... and the temp may be a measly 52 degrees outside. It feels more like 32 . Rarely do we get the chance to sip on HOT tea and cuddle up in a blanket and want to watch an old movie in the middle of the day (bummer wish that could have been me) LOL . It's been a week of wet weather here in the desert and lots of snow in the high country !
We have probably had more rain this week than we get in one entire year !
With a weeks worth of clouds, rain, wind and colder weather ... I was able to spend some time with my beloved sewing machine and hook . In an attempt to create some new items for my neglected shop ... Hopefully the weather will cooperate just long enough for me to snap a few photos, we will see (not much light for good photos right now).

Have a great weekend...


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